Kimberton Kitchen

IMG_8086 This kitchen was a complete restart. We moved the kitchen into this room from another cramped space.

Layout had a few considerations. Function was first. Keeping the window locations was important in this brick house that already had lots of light flowing. Future plans for an addition had us placing the fridge were a staircase will eventually project, hidden into the cabinet above.

We built the cabinets to have an updated, but classic inset look. Other builders will build cabinets that all push and screw together. We wanted to rethink this kitchen with a builtin look that matches the 1930’s home. The cabinets were designed to assemble together seamlessly with only one inch and a half faceframe between doors. These nuances really create the look.

We designed the kitchen to have drawers everywhere. Drawers behind doors, drawers in drawers, pantry of drawers!!!  The color brings us to a modern style with these classic cabinets. The countertop is quartzite. Lastly the walnut upper cabinets and bookshelf were made of solid walnut with traditional joinery. Thin Veneers and plywoods will never match the look of solid wood. Lastly the backspash is of solid wood beaded boards that we finished with a white laquer before install so it can expand and contract without cracking the paint.

Green verdigris shaker inset cabinets Green verdigris shaker inset cabinets Green verdigris shaker inset cabinets Green verdigris shaker inset cabinetsGreen verdigris shaker inset cabinets