Brass Tacks Home Custom Cabinetry Renovation and Design in Phoenixville PA


It takes details to change an environment from bland to exceptional. From design to custom cabinetry to kitchen and bath renovation detailed design is part of the entire Brass Tacks Home process. It requires both design and execution to mix this mystery ingredient. This is what is missing from builders homes. Contractors often don’t want to put the time into figuring this out. Composing the colors, textures, lines, and shapes together takes experience, motivation, and awareness. Our goal is to considerately plan and build your project to incorporate these details. The details will mostly go unnoticed but they will be sensed in the completeness of the room.


You are one of a kind. Your home should be one of a kind as well. Some of the strangest spaces in your home could be the strongest. We will help build character into the spaces where you and your family of characters live. By envisioning and implementing thoughtful ways to grow your home into your personality, our passions and skills translate into a practical beauty.


The people in your life and in your home are the most valuable assets. The way you use and fit in your home is authentic to you. Rearranging your kitchen so you can watch your kids play in the backyard while you cook. Adding a place for your husband to put his shoes when he comes home because he can’t seem to find a place for them. Add a storage solution to the awkward corners of your house to display your treasures, or even hide the unsightly ones. Your home can and should fit your life.

Based in Phoenixville PA and serving the surrounding areas. The strength in Brass Tacks Home lies in our team. Lindsey and Jesse compliment each other well and form a balance of vision, design, function, and execution. Lindsey’s ability to listen and glean who you are and what you need pair perfectly with Jesse’s ability to assemble a vision and build to reality. We offer completely custom cabinetry, furniture and a full array of renovation services. We will help identify your needs, institute a plan, and carry it through to the end. Check out our projects to stir some ideas.