Fireplace Hearth

Jesse is working on a two month long project right now that does not involve me much, so I needed something to do. Say hello to our not so lovely fireplace situation…..



A little bit of back story, we bought our house two and a half years ago, at which point we completely gutted the whole thing. The house had been smoked in since it was built in 1930, and there was duct tape in the shower because all of the tile had rotted off. So, yea, the fireplace was not a priority. Now that our house is mostly finished, and we put this wood burning stove in last fall, I wanted to show this area some love. Not to mention the fact that you need a certain amount of fire proof clearance around a wood burning stove, which we clearly did not have. Hot embers falling on your hardwood floor is probably not the safest thing in the world……

I tried to clean the brick a while back, which was unsuccessful. The stove is black, so I decided to paint the brick white to brighten everything up. Next step was picking something for the floor. As we browsed photos on the internet, we immediately fell in love with a brick herringbone pattern. We wanted it to be actual brick, but a veneer because it needed to be thin, and in 2×10. Well this pretty much does not exist, unless you want to pay a million dollars to have brick tile hand made for you. This is a hearth, it gets really dirty, which is not something we were willing to spend tons of money on. When you are renovating a home these are the things you have to think about, what am I willing to splurge on, and what am I not willing to splurge on?  A real brick veneer exists, but not in 2×10. I had to have 2×10. Herringbone does not look nearly as cool in 4×8. So, we found this great porcelain tile online that really looks like brick, and comes in our magical size. The flooring store we use carries this brand of tile, and while they did not have it for us to see in person, they could order it for us. It kind of stinks to buy something without seeing it in person first, but sometimes that is what you have to do. Jesse had to build the area up with certain things that are fireproof and have R values and all of these things that I let him deal with, so it is slightly raised, which I kind of like. We still need to put up some kind of trim around the edge, but other than that it is done!

Fireplace with new hearth and white painted brick

For reference. Here is an original picture from when we bought the house. Put on your rose colored glasses.




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Brass and Walnut something

One of my lifelong best friend runs a business called Me and She Studios. She makes things out of stuff. I know. I’m not sure what to call it. Maybe she should tell me. Its brass tubing sculpture. Maybe that’s what Ill call it. Anyway, She asked me to make a few Walnut bases for a new piece she’s making. Its sculptural, decorative, and maybe you could find a way to make it functional. No matter what, its plain cool. Here are some pictures of the prototypes. My part was to make this walnut pentagon and route a channel around the perimeter to seat the brass. I don’t think she has them up for sale yet but she’s working hard to get ready for Holiday Season, so, soonish. Check out her shop at[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]BrassandWalnutPentagonSculpture1BrassandWalnutPentagonSculptureBrassandWalnutPentagonSculpture2


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A Surf Board shelf

Here we go! Our first post on our new website. This week I installed a shelf that has been a bit in the making. We were asked to come up with an idea for a shelf or shelving for a living room. It was an awkward space behind the sofa. This house, like many in the city, has a chimney bump in the living room. These awkward bumps make for difficult furniture placement, but optimal shelving locations. So we started by coming up with a few rough ideas just to see what concepts would stick.HalftoneCurvedSupport SolidbackedU Stackeredsteelbrackets


From there, we stuck with the half painted,Solidbacked half natural finish and the slow curve of the second image which let the light from the window come in uninterrupted. Next revision.


[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]Then this. SolidBackHalfTone

[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]And finally, the client asked that we try it without a back (which I was hoping to use as a means of attachment). So we changed the plan to a thicker, solid wood and started building.

IMG_2593 photo (1)


And this finally here it is installed!


photo 1  SurfShelfAngledsurfshelfstraight


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A New Website

If you’ve been close to us in the past month, you’d have heard about our journey to try and make a website that portrays us and our work. I just wanted to post this picture of Maple and Me working on her drawings for the home page. Check them out. I told her what to draw and she listened, then did whatever she wanted to do anyway. I think it turned out great.


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