Laundry and mudroom millwork

We just finished this project and are excited to show it. Ill start from the beginning with before photos


Audra from  Deconstructed Living reached out to us to jump in on the woodworking. We worked together to comeup with a layout that provides storage, both open and closed, a spot to fold, hang clothes and store laundry baskets. We raised the washer and dryer onto a stand that allows for three laundry baskets to be slid underneath. These machines are heavy, especially when running. The stand was constructed of a torsion box to make it flat, strong, and not TOO heavy (it still was). This is what the inside of a torsion box looks like.


After the washer and dryer went onto that stand we wanted to cover it with a wooden, waterfall grain, bevel folded piece of walnut. Here are photos of the two bookmatched walnut slabs after being joined and glued, then after the miter was glued.

Walnut-Glueup Waterfall-edge-bevel-walnut

We designed the millwork to play on different thicknesses of various components. In order to create a seamless and thick component with a durable hard edge two piece of plywood were glued together and cut with a birdsmouth shape of hard maple glued as edging. Like pacman eating a piece of hardwood.


Running a business as a married couple with kids means that sometimes I get to have an extra shop helper. She pumped out a really nice painted “bench” for her fairy garden.


The last step in building inset cabinetry it to fit the doors. They are built slightly oversized so that they can be trimmed to fit into the opening perfectly, leaving a consistent gap around the entire door/drawer front. Here is the bench unit after being fit and shimmed.


And NOW for the finished photos. Photo credits to Rachel Gregory. Im so thankful for her help getting this job properly represented for us.

Mudroom-bench-storage-walnut-builtin-shaker-inset mudroom-builting-storage-shaker-inset-cabinets-walnut-wood-countertop mudroom-laundry-room-custom-cabinets-renovation mudroom-laundry-storage-hangerbar-custom-cabinets-inset-walnut-wood-countertop Washer-dryer-stand-laundry-Wood-walnut-countertop-waterfall-grain