About Us

Brass Tacks Home was created from scratch with love and passion for transforming homes into dream spaces that function in real life. Lindsey thrives on thoughtful design, beautiful spaces and organization. Jesse is inspired by materials and the connection of elements. This broad point of view coupled with their diverse network of talented craftsman and professionals bring tailored solutions to the Brass Tacks Home customer.


I think about our home a lot. Not just because I am in it all the time, but because I love it and want other people to love their homes, too. Textiles are something that are always on my mind. They make a space cozy, adding texture and warmth. If I am in a thrift store, it is the first section I browse. When I am not working on Brass Tacks Home, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a big pot of something, or baking some yummy treats with our two young daughters. Or scouring unusual places to find inspiring materials for our home, or yours. I am a bit obsessed with organization and function, always pitching new ways to adapt our home to our life. Jesse patiently listens, and either helps build on my ideas or filters them. A lot of my life is spent taking care of people and making them feel welcome, and I am grateful for that privilege.



I have been working in the trades since college age. Many people get their start as a roofer or laborer, but I started as a painter, working for a designer. Through those experiences, and schooling, I learned how composition, color and pattern all play a part in intelligent design. I went on to begin renovating homes, which satisfied my need to work with my hands. Woodworking became one of my biggest passions. I love the materials and the tools; they are timeless traditions that inspire me. I spend a lot of my life dusty. I have given up on separating work clothes from non-work clothes. I cannot stay away from it! Lindsey is still trying to figure out how to deal with that part. When I am not working on Brass Tacks Home, you will find me hanging out with my family, listening to podcasts or working on my own home.