Home Schooling Organization

This was a super wonderful, fun project for us. The client had begun home schooling her children, but was not set up for it at all. Tons of curriculum and school supplies with no place to go, and no proper work space. We thought about doing permanent built in pieces, but the family would like to move within the next few years, so everything that we built can be taken with them when they go. Jesse started by making a simple and beautiful desk, that the client and her two children could all sit at together. A live edge piece of walnut, with a steel base. Next in line was the storage solution. All wood pieces are obviously lovely, but the floors in this house are a dark wood, so we wanted something that would balance that out and lighten up the space. We also wanted a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets. Open shelving for the things that they need to access on a daily basis, and closed cabinets for the unsightly things that are not needed as often, such as a printer. I then went through all of the stuff and got it mega organized, in a sustainable way. We got new curtains, and a new rug and pillows for the middle of the space. This created a second area for the kids to work on things like puzzles and games. The client is thrilled with how it all turned out, and we loved working with them!


living room design before brass tacks home redesign


Living room decorated by brass tacks home with custom walnut bookcaseLiving room decorated by brass tacks home with custom live edge walnut deskLiving room decorated by brass tacks home with custom walnut bookcase and desk kids pillow seating area